Our Paint and Pottery Process

St. Louis Painting and Pottery Studio
— No Appointments Necessary —

Welcome to Glazed & Confused — the best pottery painting experience in St. Louis! Individuals and groups of every age come to our cozy, creative shop to paint with us Tuesday through Sunday.

Our studio fee covers your studio time, the paint you use, the help we give you and the glazing and firing of your pottery. One big detail that makes Glazed & Confused standout is that we  do not charge by the hour. Paint as long as you want without the pressure of time. Food and drink are welcome in the studio. In fact, you may have even heard about our popular adult sip and paint pottery events.

Looking for more information? Review our Pottery Painting Studio FAQs or call  314.892.8382.

Learn more about our process below.


Pick out your Pottery!

Glazed & Confused features a wide selection that changes frequently, both decorative and useful and includes seasonal items. We have something for all ages.


Choose Your Paints!

We are always improving on your experience with us, so we’ve added an additional paint station. And don’t forget to visit Inspiration Station which includes; stamps, stencils, dot sponges, and so much more! All these improvements insure you have fun and create a beautiful work of art.


Your work is done!

Simply leave your pottery with us, we will glaze and fire it. Your treasure will be ready for pick up a week later.